Is there a street light burned out on your street?
Hereʹs how to get it replaced by the City:
 If you have noticed any streetlights that have burned out please call Duke Progress Energy at 919-508‐5400 and give them the nearest house address and Pole # (located on the pole) to have the light replaced. This will help keep the neighborhood well lit which improves safety, security and visibility.


Non-Emergency Police Assistance
If you have a non-emergency but request police assistance, call 919-831-6311. Call 911 if it is an emergency.


Please pick up after your pets!
Calling all dog owners! Please remember that City of Raleigh has a leash law and scoop law. We know a majority of our neighbors are responsible and law abiding, however this reminder is for the few that are amiss. Be considerate of your neighbors, their lawns and the law – please keep your dogs on a leash and pick up after your pets. Thank you.