SNNA Homeschooling

Interested in homeschooling in   our area? Here are some helpful sources of more information.

First, is homeschooling even a good idea? How do the kids turn out? Check out this article summarizing major research studies on homeschooling. Studies consistently show that homeschoolers score 30-37 points above average on standardized achievement tests. This achievement level does not vary significantly by whether the parents are certified teachers or not, or by whether the students are in a state with low or high government regulation of homeschooling. Studies also show that homeschoolers have busy social lives, participating in, on average, 5 clubs, sports, or other regular activities outside of the home.
The Raleigh area is particularly blessed with homeschooling support networks. The best source of information in town is Spice-line, a moderated email loop providing information and encouragement to over 3,000 homeschool families in the Triangle and surrounding counties of NC. Join the loop here to  receive information on local classes, support groups, educational events, and social opportunities. (Note- make sure you follow this link to join the spice-line group which has been operating for over a decade. There is a much smaller copycat group with almost the same name which doesn’t have nearly the breadth of information available.)


If you’re hunting for curriculum, check out the Homeschool Gathering Place, a nearby homeschooling store offering new and used books and curriculum. Their staff is also a great source of advice.
For legal information on how to begin homeschooling in NC, start with North Carolinians for Home Education, the statewide homeschooling support organization. They have information to answer questions such as: Are parents qualified to teach  their children? and, What about socialization? You can find a listing of local support groups here.
One last resource is the Home School Legal Defense Association. They offers nationwide legal information, support group listings, and homeschooling guidance.


Any more questions, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to help in any way we can.