Who to Contact for What

By Email:

PositionEmailFor What
Presidentpresident@summerfieldnorth.comgeneral comments, concerns or questions regarding the neighborhood, or any items you would like to be brought before the SNNA Board
Add Me To Your Email Listpresident@summerfieldnorth.comto start receiving periodic emails from the president on neighborhood events, happenings or alerts
Vice Presidentvicepresident@summerfieldnorth.comitems regarding the membership drive
Treasurertreasurer@summerfieldnorth.comitems regarding the budget
Social Committeesocial@summerfieldnorth.com
items regarding neighborhood social events or to volunteer
Community Watchcommunitywatch@summerfieldnorth.com
items regarding safety issues or concerns in the neighborhood (also sent to President)
Newsletter / Directorynewsletter@summerfieldnorth.comarticle ideas or corrections regarding the neighborhood newsletter and directory
if you are new to the neighborhood and would like to receive a welcome kit
if you would like to recommend a house for yard of the month or Halloween/holiday house
Web Masterwebmaster@summerfieldnorth.comitems regarding the web site
Stingrays Swim Teamstingrays@summerfieldnorth.comitems regarding the Stingrays swim team
Recommend a Contractorcommunitywatch@summerfieldnorth.com
if you have worked with an outstanding contractor and would like to add them to our neighborhood recommendation list, please include company name, contact person, address, phone, email, web site and any specific comments about the work they did.
Home Owners Association or Towne Propertiespoolboard@summerfieldnorth.comitems regarding the pool, tennis courts, common areas, covenant concerns, etc.


By Mail:

PO Box 99232
Raleigh, NC 27624-9232